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Helping educators stay focused on the classroom with the latest products and services.
To provide quality education, protect student data and control costs, Birmingham Public Schools needed to replace its tape-based backup solution with scalable, comprehensive data protection. Solution The district adopted Dell data protection solutions as part of a move to a comprehensive Dell infrastructure, managed by Dell partner Avalon Technologies. BPS dramatically reduced backup windows, storage requirements and recovery time while enabling business continuity.

With our Dell software and hardware solutions and the support of Avalon Technologies, our technology just works, so we’re able to meet the needs of students and teachers on a daily basis.

Kevin Galbraith
Executive Director of Technology, Birmingham Public Schools

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Implementation Services

A strong firewall is imperative when students bringing their own unsecured devices more than ever. Sensitive information must be secured and compliance standards protecting students, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), must be met.

Managed Solutions

Ransomware threats are real so making sure that student data is protected is a primary focus. Creating a unique backup strategy saves time and money. BPS controlled costs by reducing backup storage requirements by 80% through compression and deduplication

Technology Consulting

Staying connected no matter your device allows seamless instruction across the institution. Avalon ensured uninterrupted education by enabling business continuity and improved learning workflows

Let us help keep your students safe.

Ingham County Relies on Avalon For Business Continuity
Avalon helped us maintain critical services that our taxpayers expect, even in the face of disaster. Physical disasters aren't our only focus — we are constantly under threat of ransomware and hacking attempts to compromise city services and personal information. Avalon’s multifaceted solutions keep our data safe and secure.

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Disaster Recovery

Critical services like police, fire and water cannot afford to go down. Avalon can create a comprehensive recovery plan to ensure your services are never lost.

Project Management

We are able to translate your technology needs and find the appropriate solutions with our team of industry experts and connections.


Ransomware threats are real; occurring on average multiple times per week in the US. With Avalon taxpayer data can stay protected and secure.

Keep your services up and running in the face of disaster.

According to the American Bar Association, 1 out of 4 law firms have been victim of a data breach
Avalon understands the pains within the legal community, including creating a highly secure network. Confidentiality and security are of the highest importance to protect both client information and internal processes. We focus on the latest ransomware trends, malware, and document losses so you can stay productive and on your game.

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A Help Desk That’s Actually Helpful

Avalon understands that your time is of the utmost importance. Our 24/7 support services maximize your time allowing you to get back to your billable hours whenever and wherever that may be.

Business Continuity

The ability to work when and where your career calls is tantamount to a successful firm. Avalon understands that your technology needs to be reliable. Creating a comprehensive IT strategy will help ensure dependability and efficiency.


Avalon is well versed in industry standards such as mapping to security frameworks like NIST or ISO27001. We collaborate with your audit personnel to establish procedures and policies so you can confidently confirm compliance with your clients and partners.

Let's help your firm operate efficiently and effectively.

Facilitating technology for professionals to operate efficiently and effectively
Pioneer is dedicated to serving policyholders with excellence. Creating a reliable network is critical to serving that excellence every day; no matter the situation. Knowing that technology failure is not an option; creating an IT strategy with Avalon helps Pioneer protect policyholders and provide the critical services they need.

Like most companies, supporting line of business applications keeps our team busy. We have had a disaster recovery and security plan in place for years. Our existing plan was focused on recovering from “acts of god;” for example, we were pretty confident we had a solid plan if a tornado hit our HQ. But with all of the cyber crime in the news we have become increasingly concerned about protecting our business from targeted, malicious acts like ransomware.

Avalon Technologies is a long-term partner of ours and we asked them what their solution was for disaster recovery. Avalon listened to our concerns and offered creative ideas. Based on our feedback, Avalon came back in two weeks with a phased approach that made sense. We agreed to proceed with a proof of concept for a cloud-based DR solution.

Avalon and our team worked closely for a period of several weeks to document our applications and processes and put together a plan. Our teams successfully tested a full recovery of our infrastructure and applications. Working with Avalon, we now have a plan in place that is proven and flexible enough to accommodate future changes in our business. After seeing the results, our management team did not hesitate to approve a long-term contract with Avalon!

Tony Paris
Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Pioneer Mutual Insurance

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Disaster Recovery

Policyholders’ data is safe is with the team of Pioneer and Avalon. We worked with Pioneer to create an extensive backup strategy ensuring that nothing is lost in the event of a ransomware attack.

Business Continuity

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. An insurance company knows all too well what can happen when they strike. Avalon curated an extensive IT strategy guaranteeing that Pioneer can continue to provide the excellence they are known for.

Long Term Partner

Our extensive list of services and team of experienced professionals can help with whatever needs may arise. Pioneer found that having IT experts at their fingertips was far more economical than hiring a full-time technology officer.

Do you know what to do in the face of disaster?

Deliver the perfect fan experience with technology that is reliable, predictable, and secure with Avalon.
The team at Little Caesars Arena can have crowds upwards of 20,000 people who expect an elevated level of technology within a brand-new arena. From ordering dinner right from their seat, to connecting on social media; Avalon helps achieve the perfect fan experience.

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Wireless & Network

A reliable network ensures that every fan can get the help they need from anywhere in the arena.

Project Management

Time is fleeting and dedicating resources to understand the latest technology can be a drain on talent. Avalon researches, compiles, and presents the IT products and services you need to reach your business goals.


We understand data center compliance is important. Let us design and implement a highly secure data center without draining your staff or budget.

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